Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

Benefits of digital marketing over traditional or non-digital medium

Digital marketing is the online medium of marketing and is becoming prominent from the last few years. With the coming of digital age and its wide reach, marketing is becoming digital gradually.

Traditional way of marketing has been dependent heavily upon print media & electronic media. Different marketing channels comprise TV and radio commercials, print ads i.e., newspaper & magazine advertisements, billboards & hoardings, etc. These medium of marketing are being used by the companies for promotion of their brand, products and services since they started marketing. But these are not strong enough to reach towards goal and also it is not possible to know whether one has achieved its goal or not, as in this case, tracking is not well-defined. Results on this marketing strategy cannot be easily measured. One another demerit is that it is expensive.

Whereas, through digital medium, one can easily hit the right audience through different medium. For e.g., some people like to read the blog post, some watch YouTube videos, some are more busy on Facebook & Twitter. So, marketing through these different social media platforms gives the audience different types of choices according to their interest. And it is also cost-effective and less time consuming. 

The most important benefit of digital marketing is, hitting the right audience and market and also able to track the desired goal, as tracking and analytics are available in digital medium. But it is not that digital marketing is free of disadvantages. The main drawback is that negative feedback and complaints by unsatisfied customers are visible to the general public. There is also lots of regulations by search engine companies like Google, which frequently issue guidelines about what is acceptable and what is not.

If one company wants to use digital medium as their main medium of marketing, then there is also the need to hire employees, who have expertise in this field.

Despite of all these and some other drawbacks, its benefits outweigh the demerits and also users of social media and internet are only going to increase in the times to come. So, digital medium is going to increase its share in marketing for entrepreneurs and startups. And it also opens the door for people especially students, who want to make career in marketing field as there are many more job opportunities would be created in this digital age with the digital marketing becoming flourished and more mature.

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