Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing:

Digital marketing is the online medium of marketing and is becoming prominent from the last few years. With the coming of digital age and its wide reach, marketing is becoming digital gradually. Traditional way of marketing has been dependent heavily upon print media & electronic media. Different marketing channels comprise TV and radio commercials, printContinue reading “Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing:”

Why Digital Marketing is gaining popularity?

Digital Marketing is the new way of marketing and has gained so much popularity in the previous few years. Reason for it, is the popularity of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. People are spending more time on these platforms, so it became easy to attract more customers through digital medium. Also, peopleContinue reading “Why Digital Marketing is gaining popularity?”

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing over digital medium or internet has become the new trend and is given preference over traditional marketing in the recent years. With the increasing use and reach of internet at a cheap and reasonable rate, digital marketing is gaining its space and becoming more favourable for entrepreneurs and marketers to promote their brands, productsContinue reading “What is Digital Marketing?”

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